Quit Crying, Cablevision!

Cablevision dropped HGTV and the Food Network from their lineup on New Year’s Day.  Their claim was that Scripps (the parent company of HGTV and Food Network) wanted to raise their rates to Cablevision.

Scripps has managed to maintain deals with Time-Warner, DirecTV, Dish Network, and other cable and satellite companies.  I doubt that Scripps is singling out Cablevision.

Cablevision’s relationship with other companies hasn’t been as fruitful.  Not only is Cablevision not carrying HGTV or Food Network, they don’t carry Versus or NFL Network and almost quit carrying Fox’s networks, including WNYW Channel 5 in New York.  The New York Rangers (a team Cablevision owns), is playing as I am writing this, but cannot be seen by Cablevision providers because the game is on Versus.

it is time for Cablevision to offer a service comparable to other television station providers.  And fire Jim Dolan while you’re at it.  I’d like to see the Knicks and Rangers win a championship before I die.


3 Responses to Quit Crying, Cablevision!

  1. Eros Frometa says:

    I just want Fox… The World Series… American Past Time…

  2. Monica says:

    I work for DISH Network and they have twice as many programming choices as Cablevision. Not only that but DISH offers more HD channels than anyone in the business and has an award winning dual-tuner DVR. If you’re looking for more channels with more value, you should check DISH out.

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