The Nomadic Life

I don’t always like it, but I have been nomadic pretty much my entire life.  I have moved a total of 26 times.  I haven’t done anything criminal, but I have done some stupid things.  The longest I have ever spent in one place was four years (I did that twice).  I have lived in six states, twelve counties, and seventeen towns.

The first eleven moves were done before my eighteenth birthday.  Some moves were for safety reasons, some were financial, and one because the house burned down.  It was one reason why I found it difficult to make friends.  It did not help that after a few moves, I didn’t try as hard to make friends because I didn’t know the next time I was going to move.  I have lived in the big city and in the remote outposts.  I have lived alone and with others.  I have been well off and dirt poor.

One thing I have learned with all of the moving I have done is to be comfortable with myself.  No matter where I have moved to, there I am.  It is also important to find something to like about the area where you are living.  Maybe there is a nice park nearby.  It could be that shopping is nearby.  You might enjoy being away from everything.

The end of February will bring yet another move.  It will bring a new environment and other things to learn.  New garbage pickup days, new recycling laws, possibly a new cable system with channels in different places.  All of the constant newness is getting old.


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