Arsenic or Cyanide

Tomorrow is a special election in Massachusetts.  the statist quo wants you to believe there only two candidates.  One is a proud member of the Arsenic Party while the other is an esteemed member of the Cyanide Party.  The Arsenic Party will tell you to vote for its candidate because arsenic is not as bad for you as cyanide.  The Cyanide Party will tell you to choose cyanide because it is healthier for you than arsenic.

The same can be said about Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.  The Democrats will tell you to vote for Martha Coakley because she is not Scott Brown.  Republicans will tell you to vote for Scott Brown because he is not Martha Coakley.  Neither party is raving about the good things about their candidate as much as pointing out the bad things the other candidate stands for.

Instead of arsenic or cyanide, have an apple.  instead of digesting a toxin, eat something of nutritional value.  Don’t consume the baggage that either Scott Brown or Martha Coakley will bring.  Vote for the apple.  Vote for a fruit of liberty.  Vote for Joe Kennedy.


6 Responses to Arsenic or Cyanide

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  2. DANNA DRURY says:

    I really like the way you discribe the candidates for the Special Election tomorrow. You discribed it EXACTLY the way it actually is! I don’t live in Massachusetts, so I can’t really vote for Joe Kennedy or anyone of the candidates for that matter, but if I could, Joe Kennedy is who I would vote for. I can pray for him though, which I have been doing and I will continue to do! Prayer is very POWERFUL, and God listens to His children! I also know there are so many praying for Joe Kennedy!

  3. Mike Cann says:

    Nice! Voting Joe Kennedy in a few hours from now. Probably right at 8am.

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