Hopping on the Jets’ Bandwagon

The Jets have something the NFL has been lacking for years – a coach who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.  Rex Ryan is equally a coach who is a character and a coach with character.  The Jets have resembled their coach with both aspects, but have been playing more like a team with character.

The Jets will win on Sunday and they will beat New Orleans or Minnesota.  The Jets will win because more than any coach, Rex Ryan believes in his team.  He isn’t afraid to let others know that he feels he has the best team.  “Bulletin Board” fodder, often discouraged by other coaches, is encouraged by Ryan.  This is good because it assures that both the Jets and their opponent will be fired up on game day.

It takes more than motivation and coaching to win.  A team also needs to have talent.  The Jets had the top rushing offense in the NFL due mostly to Thomas Jones and a stellar offensive line.  The Jets’ defense is even better.  Once teams realize how difficult it is to run the ball on the Jets, they have a hell of a time throwing the ball past Darrelle Revis (which is harder than trying to run on the Jets).

This is not the “Same old Jets.”  Even if they should lose in a manner in which only the Jets would lose, They have a foundation of which great things can be expected for years to come.


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