Scott Brown and What’s Wrong With America

Scott Brown is not what’s wrong with America.  What is wrong with America is that Democrats and Republicans both vote on rhetoric more than substance.  Last night only proves my points.

The media painted Scott Brown as a fiscal conservative.  Scott Brown gets painted as such because the only comparison the media makes is against the Democratic candidate.  When compared to a real fiscal conservative like Joe Kennedy, Brown is much closer fiscally to the liberal Martha Coakley.

Some people will say it’s unfair to compare fiscal conservatism between a Republican and a Libertarian, but it is fair to compare fiscal conservatism between one Republican and other Republicans.  Scott Brown fails here also.  He was an author to the infamous “RomneyCare”, which isn’t much different than the Senate version of “ObamaCare.”  He also had a high spending record among Republican state senators in Massachusetts as well as a poor record in voting for tax cuts.

The problem is most voters have become so hung up with voting based on labels (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, etc.) and political soundbites that few people bother to take the time to see what legislation our elected officials are writing and voting for.  The problems we are facing isn’t from apathetic voters; it’s from apathetic voting.


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