Bad Naming

Yesterday Apple unveiled the new tablet called the “iPad.”  The “Max”i Pad has received ribbing from bloggers everywhere.  There could have been worse names for this and other products:

Apple could have emphasized that the iPad does everything a notebook does, calling it the “A-Whole” for Apple’s Whole Package,

Wal-Mart should avoid naming certain products after its founder, Sam Walton.  “Sampons” shouldn’t be the name for Wal-Mart tampons.

A&P should be discouraged from naming a line of puppy training pads as “A&P-P Pads.”

There have been some product naming that has backfired:

The Chevy Nova (in Mexico) – “No va” is Spanish for “Doesn’t go.”  Hardly something you’d name a vehicle whose primary function is to go places.

There is a website called “”  It is a website for a therapist.  It it not about “The rapist.” doesn’t look too bad. has a totally different meaning.

Choose the name of your product like you would choose the name of your child.  If you have a last name that is also a first name, do not give your child your last name as his or her first name.  People whose first name and last name are the same are ofter compared to Sirhan Sirhan.

If you spend some time thinking about the name of your product, you won’t have to worry about the faux-pas of a bad name.  You will also prevent lost revenue.


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