Propaganda Report – MSNBC

All of the major news networks spin the news one way or the other.  Some see it as a “left-right” spin.  I see it as a pro-fascist spin.  Today I will be taking a look at MSNBC.

Morning Joe – There are moments of hope, but not enough for me to drink toe Kool-Aid.  Regular guests are too pro-war and pro-big government fascism.

The Morning Rundown – I have yet to watch this show.  Chuck Todd and Samantha Guthrie host the show.  I don’t know much about Guthrie, but any show with Chuck Todd can’t be too promising.

Andrea Mitchell Reports – One would be hard pressed to find an anchor more biased than Andrea Mitchell.  Nobody who has Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass on his or her show os often as Mitchell does without frying Haass cannot be taken seriously.  Haass is a traitor and a fascist thug.

The Dylan Ratigan Report – I like Dylan Ratigan.  He is the only anchor on MSNBC who is not afraid to go after Obama’s policies.

“Hardball” with Chris Matthews – An unapologetic Democrat who isn’t afraid to slam Republicans.  Pillow fights are more ferocious than the questions Matthews asks Democrats.

The “Ed” Show – Ed Schultz is either clueless or a pathological liar.  He comes off as someone who has not read either the House or the Senate versions of the infamous “Health Reform” bill.

“Countdown” with Keith Olbermann – Olbermann wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t so blatantly partisan.  The more he talks about Sarah Palin, the more I think he secretly has a crush on her and wants her to be president.  He gets kudos for the term “Cluster-Fox”.

The Rachel Maddow Show – The only anchor at night who is willing to take a swipe at Obama, albeit that Obama isn’t liberal enough.  Her show would be palatable if she dumped Kent Jones.  He isn’t the least bit funny.

Others of note:

David Schuster – A bad combo of Olbermann and Kent Jones and a hypocritical partisan.

Contessa Brewer – an enigma – She’ll ask good questions to start off her segment, but usually comes up with the wrong conclusion.

Tamara Hall – a subtle partisan.

Tomorrow – FoxNews


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