Ten Years

I had my last . on Valentine’s Day 2000.

Valentine’s Day 2000 was a bad day for me.   I was dumped and was hurt. The fact that the relationship ended on Valentine’s Day was gnawing on me and I had to remedy it.  My solution was to go to a bar and get drunk.

I had had a Molson a few days prior and my stomach was aching before I could finish my first beer.  Although I did not drink the rest of that night, I had dismissed the pain as from a “skunky beer.”  The last thing I wanted was to deal with another skunky beer, so this time I ordered a rum-and-coke.

I have a tendency to nurse my drinks and this night was no different.  I had a sip of the rum-and-coke and placed the drink down. I had a second sip a minute later.  I soon felt an intense pain in my stomach.  I got up from my stool, took a couple steps, and fell to the floor.  The pain in my stomach only lasted a minute, but it was the most intense pain I have ever felt.  The bartender was about to call an ambulance when I waived him off and lifted myself off the ground.   After taking a couplle of deep breaths, I walked out of the bar and drove home.

I have not had a drink since.  I had stomach pains twice since, though neither were anywhere near the magnitude of that night (I took NyQuil for a cold a few weeks afterward and I had canned chicken noodle soup with crackers.  Adding crackers to canned chicken soup can cause fermentation.)

Much has happened in the last ten years.  September 11 and two new presidents.  (I was sober during the entire Bush administration!)   I went back to college and received a degree in Business management and Marketing.  Four states were blessed with having me as a resident.  Did I mention I was sober during the ENTIRE George W. Bush administration?

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