Peace of the Action

Democrats won control of the House and the Senate in 2006 largely with the premise that they were going to end the wars in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq. Barack Obama became president with the assumption that he was going to withdraw troops from Iraq. It’s now 2010 and we have more troops in the Middle East than ever before. If the Democrats are not going to end these wars and the Republicans are not going to end these wars, then who will? You are!

Peace of the Action is a grassroots organization started by Cindy Sheehan and welcomes all who are against these wars to join and volunteer.  Their Facebook page states:

The only way to peace is through the people.
Peace of the Action, or POTA, is the boldest and bravest action ever envisioned by and for peace.
POTA’s stated objective is to: “Clog Washington, DC every week day through diffuse Civil Resistance (CR) actions to have the affect of tampering with “business as usual” in the Capital of the United States of America.

We can no longer rely on our elected officials to end war.  This is something we have to stop together.  For more information, go to