Back to the Drawing Board

I had set some goals for me at the beginning of the year.   Here is my “bucket list”:

Some of my goals are vague.  “Be happy.” is an example.  it’s a matter of keeping on the right frame of mind.

Others are goals that I will start in March, once I am in my new place.

The rest are those I started on January 1

Smoking – I went the first three days without a cigarette, broke down and bought a pack, went another couple days without a cigarette, and have been smoking since.

Watching my weight  – I started well, but I have have faultered in the last week.  I am back where I started 2010 at 228 lbs.

Walk a mile every day – Today was the first time I haven’t walked in a while.  It was like a tropical storm.  Winds were clocked at 47 MPH and over 2 inches of rain had fallen by 1PM.

Blogging every day:  Between this blog and my other blog, I have been good.  I blog on at least one of the blogs and usually both.

I have accomplished some, but not everything I wanted to accomplish by now.  I will get myself on track and improve what I need to improve.

Does Anybody Read These Blogs?

Of course we read them.  You’re reading my blog now.  Sometimes I get a little impatient because I have another blog and that blog is averaging over 100 readers a day.

What I have forgotten is how long it took to get to over 100 readers a day.  It took me nine months before having my first 100-reader day.  my problem is that I am looking for a genie in a bottle.  It’s an ego thing.  It shouldn’t be because I am not normally egotistical.

I blog because I have things to say and I want to be heard.  I am shy in person and have a hard time communicating with people, even family members.

Most of this blog thus far has been about politics, and I understand that is a turn-off for most people.  I also blog about sports, Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism, and life in general.

If you are wondering if anybody reads your blog, they will someday soon.  It takes time to get noticed in a crowd.

My “Bucket List”

There is a website called where you make a list of things you want to accomplish in life.  The reason why I am mentioning the website is because it is the inspiration for this blog,  Numbers 4 and 10 on my list.

I am not new to blogging.  I have been writing a fictional blog for the last two years about an independent candidate who is running for President of the United States.  Ahmnodt Heare sees things a bit differently than most people.  He wants to pull troops out of the Middle East so we can invade Canada for what they have done to the American Entertainment Industry.

I will add an “about” page soon so you can learn more about me and how my view on things came to be.