Another Attempt

I started smoking in 1981.  Since then, I have tried to quit on several occasions.  My best attempt lasted a month and a half.  It wasn’t because I wanted to quit, it was because I had lost my job and had no money for cigarettes,

There are a few things I have to take care of before I can quit.  One is that I tend to get flustered easily and my thinking becomes clouded because I no longer have that crutch to calm me down.

The other is that smoking has helped masked some of my signs of Asperger’s Syndrome.  I am less anxious around people when I smoke and find it easier to strike up a conversation.  I was reclusive before I started smoking and I become reclusive when I go more than a few hours without a cigarette.

I went the first three days of 2010 without a cigarette.  I broke down and bought a pack, then went another two days without a cigarette. I have been smoking since, though less than I have in the past.

I recently bought a can of rolling tobacco, which is equivalent to over a carton of cigarettes.  I am going to wean off of smoking during this time.  Any suggestions on how I can keep a clear head and not be so reclusive would be appreciated.

Back to Life

Enough ranting about Tuesday’s election.  It will soon be shown that I was correct about Scott Brown.  There are other things on the table:

Personal Goals:

I haven’t weighed myself lately, so I do not know my current weight.  I have resumed smoking.  I am now averaging walking three miles a day.


The Super Bowl will be the Jets against the Saints.  The Jets’ defense is doing what the Steelers’ defense did during the playoffs last year:  Play four quarters of aggressive defense.  Most teams play a soft zone or a prevent defense with a lead late in the fourth quarter.  The Jets haven’t this year and the Steelers didn’t last year.  The reason why you shouldn’t switch to a soft zone when winning is because a team should stay with their regular defense if they are winning.

Asperger’s Syndrome:

One of the benefits of having Asperger’s Syndrome is I tend to be more observant than most people.  I am not more observational because of a special gift, but because I am introverted and have a hard time striking up a conversation.  My politics is a by-product of Asperger’s as I have seen that the rhetoric of the Democrats and the Republicans are quite different, but their actions are often the same.  I will go into more detail on thin in a future blog entry.