What a Difference a Year Makes

218.4 lbs - July 25, 2010

July 25, 2011 - 158.2 lbs.


Before and During

Weight control has always been a problem.  There were times when I was obese and times when I was at my normal weight.  I have weighed as much as 245 lbs and as little as 149 lbs in my adulthood.

Below is a timeline of my weight through adulthood:

1982-1985 – 190 – 200 lbs.

1986-1988 – 215-225 lbs.

1988 – 1994 – 170-180 lbs.

1994 – 1996 – 195-245 lbs.

1996 – 1998 – 245-185  lbs.

1999 – 2000 – 195 lbs.

2001 – 2004 – 170-149 lbs.

2004 – 2006 – 155-175 lbs.

2006 – 2008 – 175-205 lbs.

2008 – 2009 – 205-235 lbs.

2010 – Present – 229-198 lbs.

What makes this attempt different is my plan.  I have set my target at 150lbs.  I consume the caloric intake of somebody who weighs 150 lbs should weigh.  I also work out 60-90 minutes a day.  Most of my time is on the treadmill.  I walk 3.5 miles-per-hour on an incline.  I started at an 8-degree incline and increase the incline by 1/10 of a degree every time I am able to walk at the incline for a half-hour.  I am currently at 11.7 degrees and hope to get to 15 degrees by Christmas.

Here are two pictures.  The first picture was shortly after I joined the gym,  The second picture was taken this morning.

218.4 lbs - July 25, 2010

October 18, 2010 - 198.8lbs.

One thing I have noticed is that if you have a bad day (either by overeating or not getting enough exercise) on a give day, I’m better off staying with my plan than to try to compensate. Compensation leads to erratic weight fluctuation and messes with metabolism.

To see my progress since I have been taking pictures in July, click here.

Who Are These People?*

* – and why do you vote for them?

Who are these people running for office?  How well do you know them?  How well do they know you?  Why do you vote for the people you vote for?  How many laws do you need applied to you?  Do the people you vote for work in your best interests?

I ask these questions mainly because I don’t believe in the concept of governance nor do I believe in the concept of countries.  I believe in individualism and the individual.  The problem with government is that if you don’t believe in the direction your elected officials are taking your country, state, or municipality, you are screwed.  (You are screwed even if you do believe, but you just are too blind to realize it.)

“Government is needed to build roads, educate people, and to stabilize a group of people” is a myth created by those who benefit from government.  Roads and education were originally private ventures in the United States.  They have both cost more than the rate of inflation every year with worse results.  Governments do not stabilize.  They wage wars against other governments.  People die as a result.

I have no problem with people working together in groups as long as everybody in the group agrees with the premise of the group.  I am not talking about a democracy where a majority agree while a minority do not.  Ask gay people and Muslims how democracy is working for them.

I an not an extraordinary person with unlimited skills, but I have more faith in leading myself than in being led.  I know my purpose, my motives, my skills and my weaknesses and in a free society can utilize all of them to their full potential.

Democrats and Republicans (and to a lesser extent, all other parties) rely on a lemmings mentality from the masses.  They need people who want to be led and are willing to live with the consequences of being led.  One of the consequences is taxation.  Governments need to take your money (without your consent) to operate and function.  They also play with people’s emotions instead of letting people think things through.  The result of this mentality in the United States has been war, corruption, perpetual debt and the dumbing of the people.

Anarchy is the only viable solution.  Critics will say that anarchy is not viable because it would bring chaos.  Governments start war.  War is the ultimate chaos.  War requires the playing with emotions so that people can kill people who have never bothered them.  It is pawns killing pawns while the kings enjoy wine.

If you must vote on election day, vote for yourself for every office.  You can do a better job in making the decisions that matter most to you than any politician ever could.

The New York Mets as I See It

The Mets are currently at 54-54 with 54 games to go.  Last year’s team finished at 70-92, blamed mostly to injury.  This year’s Mets were recently 42-31.  The losing started with a road trip to Puerto Rico and Washington and has snowballed since.  Below is my analysis of the team:

First Base:  After failures by Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanotto, they appeared to found a keeper in Ike Davis.  He has pop in his bat and is a decent fielder.  He has yet to show he can hit the curveball.

Second Base:  Despite what many Mets fans will tell you, Luis Castillo is a gamer.  His batting average is low and he has been grounding into a lot of double plays, but he still has a knack for getting on base.  He is also one of the toughest batters to strike out.  His batting is slowly improving and will be an important part of any resurgence the Mets may have.

Shortstop:  Jose Reyes came off to a slow start due to missing Spring Training and the first two weeks of the season.  He (and the Mets) caught fire in May and most of June.  He injured his oblique in Puerto Rico and hasn’t played the same since.

Third Base:  David Wright is the one Met who can carry the team when he is hot.  He currently leads the Mets in home runs and RBI.  Like many of the other Mets, Wright is currently on a cold spell and is pressing.

Outfield:  I am lumping them together because the Mets have four everyday outfielders for three outfield positions.

Jason Bay:  The good news is that he isn’t the liability defensively that he is rumored to be.  The bad news is that he has been a major disappointment batting.  He draws a good amount of walks, but hasn’t produced the hits or the power expected.

Carlos Beltran:  It will take Beltran a while for him to get back to his standards in hitting.  He returned to the lineup three weeks ago and is struggling at the plate and the field.  The Mets will need Beltran to improve and he can only improve by playing every day.  It took Reyes over a month so we will have to be patient.

Jeff Francoeur:  The best fielding right fielder the Mets have had in a while.  His arm has saved the Mets runs.  He has been a disappointment at the plate.  But unlike Bay and Castillo, Francoeur does not draw walks and has an on-base percentage under .300.

Angel Pagan:  Arguably the best player the Mets have had all year.  He started the season on the bench while Gary Matthews Jr. had been given every opportunity to cement the starting Center Field job (at least until Beltran came back).  Pagan finally started and became a catalyst during the Mets’ hot streak of May and June.  Putting him on the bench proved to be futile as he has been the only outfielder hitting all season.

Catchers:  Rod Barajas started off hot and led the Mets in home runs in April.  His batting has gone downhill since and continue to goes downhill.  Henry Blanco doesn’t have Barajas’s power, but has a more consistent bat, plays better defense, and handles pitchers better than Barajas.  Josh Thole will be the Mets starting catcher soon and is already getting increased catching duties.  He can hit for average and some power, plays a steady defense, and is improving in handling pitchers.

Bench:  There is nobody on the bench that hits decently.  Alex Cora is a steady defensive replacement for Castillo, but otherwise, nothing very good defensively either.

Starting Pitching:  Johan Santana has had a couple rocky outings, but has been solid other wise.  He would have more wins if the Mets could score runs for him.  the Mets have lost seven games that Santana was taken out of which he had given up one run or less.  Three of those games were games that Santana did not allow a run.  Mike Pelfrey had been a top pitcher the first three months of the season, but has been awful since.  Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey has been the most consistent pitcher since he first the team in June and has been a pleasant surprise.  Jonathan Niese has been steady and keeps the Mets in games.  Hisanori Takahashi has been good out of the bullpen, but has had moments of mediocrity as a starter.

Relief Pitching:  The same can be said about most of the relievers.  They go through streaks when they are solid and periods when they have been horrible (especially in games Johan Santana started.)  Their best reliever was Jenrry Mejia, but he was sent to the minor leagues to learn to become a starter.  Francisco Rodriguez has been shaky at times, but has been pitching his best as a Mets over the last two weeks.

Managing:  Jerry Manuel has to be relieved of his duties if the Mets are going to have any chance of winning the division.  He has the odd habit of sitting the hot batter.  Some of the lineups he has made out have made no sense.  He has one of the best hit-and-run tandems in Reyes and Castillo, but rarely hits-and-run.  Jerry is a mellow person, and there are times where his mellowness has helped the Mets.  But there are times that the team needs somebody with some fire to get them out of funks like the one they are in now.  His handling of pitchers have (for the most part) been dismal.  He pulls Santana too early and other pitchers too late.

Outlook:  As of now, I see the Mets finishing 75-87.  If the Mets start to hit-and-run more and if Jerry does a better job with the pitching staff (I would have Blanco catch Santana and Pelfrey and Thole catch the other starters), they will do better.  If Jerry is fired and replaced with somebody competent, then the ship can be righted and the Mets can win.  Otherwise, it will be a long two months in Flushing.

Back to the Grind

I have to regain my focus.  I was focused with things I wanted to do until I got the opportunity to do it.  There were issues I was hoping would have been resolved by now.  The most glaring of which is I still do not have a car.  This should be taken care of within the next month.

One of my goals has been accomplished.  Working out is now part of my daily regiment.  The workout includes treadmill and swimming.  I had lost ten pounds since I started working out (but I had gained three of it back due to a lapse of overeating.)

Before you decide to vote for a Republican because of runaway government spending from the Democrats, ask yourself when the last time Republicans cut spending or balanced a budget.  Contrary to what the talking heads tell you, the Republican Congress and Bill Clinton never balanced a budget.  The best they did was slow down deficit spending.

Back to Blogging

There has been a lot going on in my life over the last couple of months.  I will sometime soon summarize some of what has been happening.  Right now, I have much to recollect, like my falling off many of my goals for 2010 (I have recommitted myself to those goals and will write about them tomorrow.

I have moved to a place where I will have more privacy and more time to blog.

Laziness or Not Prepared?

It’s probably both laziness and not being prepared for an outcome for a recent event that has kept me from blogging here.  The goals I have listed at 43things.com weren’t meant to be resolutions, but more like a “bucket list”.

I was sick for a few days and was preoccupied with shoveling snow seemingly nonstop from last Tuesday through last Friday.  There was a 21 hour period when I had no electricity.

Most of the goals I have set for myself have been put on hold until i get myself better situated.